2nd House in Vedic Astrology

Yashraj Sharma
2 min readJul 24, 2020


It is the house of one’s moral values. In hindi you can say “Sanskaar”.

The 2nd house is one of the houses whose result depends on association with other houses/lords. It can kill you, it is the strongest killer. It is your accumulated wealth, it is the house of the initial family and learning from family. It is your speech, eyes, mouth, throat, perception, eating habits, face, taste, self esteem, gains, financial status.

Apart from this, 2nd house is loss of courage, hard work, siblings, longevity, cause of death. It also shows, looking for opportunities, gain through self efforts, gains from fixed assets, earring of mother, gains from good or bad character, happiness, gains from transport work.

It is 10th from 5th house, shows career of child, actions of intelligence, fame through learning, efforts for having child, romantic actions since it represents face & genitals of partner as well.

9th from the 6th house, shows father or luck of enemies. Judgement of actions, enemies, problems, obstructions, thought of theft, sin and daily routine.

It is longevity, death, genitals, in-laws, sudden happenings of spouse. Also longevity of married life and business partnerships.

7th from the 8th house, killer of longevity, sins, sudden happenings but at the same time it can be supportive in these matters. The 7th from any house is opposite and also supportive of that house.

6th from the 9th, health issues of father or teacher. Obstruction of luck, or fixed fruit. Since the 9th house is the strongest wealth house so the 2nd house becomes its fixed fruit. For a good amount of wealth accumulation 9th should be strong, it is the longevity of it.

5th from the 10th, Children’s family of your father’s family, motivation of actions, enjoyment and from profession.

It is the source and storage of our desires and wealth. Happiness & peace of achievements, house of friends and elders of family or paternal uncles.

3rd from the 2nd, efforts, longevity of losses and secret enemies.

The way I explained the 2nd house, you can also find out much more things for this and other houses also.

The 2nd house is neutral in nature. But it is not so neutral as 8th house, 8th is a very sensitive house and sign and so is Ketu, ruler of 8th sign. Whatever native sense is 2nd house but it has its own thought also, so is Rahu. Rahu is also neutral but it carries the poison of demon.

Though the point of Rahu & Ketu is extra here but required. Now, benefics in the 2nd house makes one good and honest. Saturn or Rahu-Ketu are not good without benefic influence. Makes one cheater and liar.



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