All about fifth house/bhava in astrology

Yashraj Sharma
3 min readJun 15, 2020

5th house. The fruits!

  • The 5th house is the fruit of native, child or any other thing created by native are fruits.
  • 5th from any house is the fruit of that house. For example. 5th from 10th house is 2nd house, we do work and fruit is money, food to eat etc. 10th also represents the initial family of father and 2nd is our initial family after birth.
  • It is the 2nd most favorable house/lord after the 9th house/lord.
  • Whatever pleases one mentally is represented by the 5th house/lord. I used whatever because it depends on placement of the 5th lord.
  • It is purva punya. Means fruits of past life karma.
  • It shows the mental balance, logic, intelligence & creativity of native.
  • Speculation needs intelligence and luck both and it is represented by 5th
    house. 5th is also luck because it is 9th from 9th house and also shows
  • It shows accumulated money, eating habits, and the values of a mother.
  • It shows emotions of our sanskaar and these emotions plays an important
    role in our thinking. For suppose: One belongs to a family of healers. So, he/she will also try to become healer or whatever he will do will have healing characteristics.
  • 5th is 3rd from 3rd house. So, it also shows our ability to show courage. If 3rd is strong and 5th is also the native will use his courage in the right way.
  • It is the destruction or loss of our enemies, competitions, diseases. 5th is 12 from the 6th house and a person with good intelligence & mental balance can easily beat his enemies, can clear competitive exams, and can also resist diseases with a positive attitude.
  • 7th is 3rd from 5th and we show our love and romance to our partners. And 5th is 11th from the 7th house showing the gains and desires after marriage, which are romance, love, lovely memories and childbirth.
  • 5th is 10th from 8th house showing the nature of sudden events. If the 5th house/lord is in good condition then sudden events would be pleasing and good. But don’t forget to see 8th H/L.
  • 5th is 8th from 10 houses, showing the inner part of career because our study, intelligence, thinking always affects our profession. It also shows changes or problems in career.
  • 5th is 7th from 11 house showing strength of 11th significations. The 11th house is our desires, rewards, success, greed etc.. and all these things are from a mental state. But never forget that 5th is our wellbeing but 11th is not. If 5th is afflicted then the person will desire things which are harmful for him/her.
  • Rahu in 5th is very bad for career and children. Rahu in 5th can give a flopped career and a person will be involved in speculations and if 5th h/l is badly placed then…
  • 5th is the house of mantra siddhi, meditation etc. And having a 6/8 relation with 12th house. 5th is 6th from 12th showing enemies of our losses, a person can spend correctly, if he/she is intelligent. 6th from any house also shows the unwanted karma or subconscious thing of that house. So, spirituality also needs a good mental balance, meditations, devotion etc.



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