Astrological facts and techniques

  1. Rahu-Ketu are not always retrograde. They becomes direct and stationary every month.
  2. Rahu-Ketu can’t aspect. They are shadow planets.
  3. Planets at 0, 1 and 29 degrees are the most powerful planets in any horoscope.
  4. Any planet in 12th house gives it full results, but results will also depend on other factors too.
  5. Libra sign in any house denotes tantrums of native related to that house.
  6. Ketu having benefic influence denotes god special grace on native.
  7. If any debilitated planet is in 3rd ,6th or 8th house then it becomes yoga-karaka, but planet should be alone.
  8. Any planet in Capricorn will show the concentration of that person through his life. Even planet aspecting Capricorn.
  9. Any planet in 11th house is always benefic, but the lord of 11th house is the most malefic planet in any horoscope wherever it sits it damages at least one signification of that house.
  10. Moon is the mental happiness of every divisional chart, suppose if D-10 chart is very strong but moon is weak or afflicted then mental happiness from work will not be there.
  11. In Kalyuga, debilitated planets are more important than exalted.
  12. Moon-Mercury axis in house or even if they are conjunct. Person experience major ups-down in that part of life. If in 2nd-8th house then major financial setback.
  13. To identify the problems of career, one should look for Jupiter in horoscope because Jupiter gets debilitated in 10th sign, Capricorn.(10th house of Kalapursha kundali) Similarly, for immunity or diseases one should look for Venus etc.
  14. Scorpio is the sign of criminal, spy and terrorists as well, if afflicted. If good then, occult, doctors. By the way, most of the criminals are found to have Scorpio ascendant.
  15. There is no existence of Kalasarpa or Pitra dosha, they’re so called yogas or doshas.
  16. For sexual stuff, one should look for D-3 chart too.
  17. For disease like cancer, 11th lord is the main culprit.
  18. If Jupiter is bad then it dasha can be more destroying than Saturn.
  19. For the judgement of soul, one should look for Sun in D-3 and D-30 chart.
  20. Rahu-Ketu plays a major role in research.
  21. Mars-Saturn connection gives sudden transformations.
  22. Surgeons and murderers have similar mars, but surgeons moon and mercury are in benefic influence but murderers have malefic influence.
  23. With only D-60 chart, we can predict everything with 100% accuracy. But this chart requires very precise birth details.



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Yashraj Sharma

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