Best Remedies in Astrology & When Remedies Backfire!

Yashraj Sharma
2 min readApr 27, 2022

Before doing any remedy, please read this-

95% of astrologers today are only concerned about remedies because people are in distress & they go to any astrologer- mostly for that “Magic Remedy” which can change, reduce or clear their distress & problems.

Understand it very well-
Planets in horoscope only shows our own “Prarabdha Karma” which are because of our own deeds of many past lives & in the present incarnation we are here to pay back.

Now “Prarabhda Karma” is sometimes weak or very strong- when it is strong then it can’t be prevented or reduced by our own “Present or Kriyamaan Karma”- “But” if we do remedy then it will definitely reduce some amount of karmic baggage.


Remedy is nothing but some good deeds which are “anti” to our “sins” performed in past births because of “Shad-Ripu” which are: Kama- Desires, Krodha- Anger, Laabha- Greed, Mada- Arrogance, Moha- Delusion, Matsarya- Jealousy.

“Vedic Astrology” is the gift of our sages, it is was invented by Lord Brahma to help humans present on “Mritya Loka” Earth to understand their past karmas, enlighten about their present incarnation & correct their mistakes (if any) with the use of certain “Remedies”

But what is happening nowadays- remedies are used wrongly which is not helping humans in clearing their karmic enmeshing but even more creating Karmic mesh.

When a native does remedy which has to be for clearing karmic mesh & easing their life in present & also in future. Native creates “Shad Ripus” with that remedy- because they expect (desires) something out of the remedy done- and when remedy don’t shows it effects in present, they develop delusion, anger etc. for themselves, with astrologers & astrology as well.

Saints or Spiritual people don’t do remedies they only belief in good karma & serving others etc. without any expectations- which is natural remedy.

When people develop “Shad Ripus” because of that remedy- it leads to new karmic chain which has to be played in coming time. Though still such souls reap good results of those deeds (deeds done while performing good remedy) but they suffer also because of Shad-Ripu which ultimately cancels out good deeds.

Other side when remedy do works- Still people have expectations, they enjoy their situations & many times develop “Greed” & “Delusion” that remedy will solve their problem in any case & they do sins again because of arrogance.

Now there are two types of remedies-

One is good Remedy (requires good deeds) & other is bad remedy (requires mean & bad karma):

Bad remedy works quickly because of its “Tamas Nature”- One of such is given in “Lal Kitab” is to give “alcohol to a priest for Jupiter in 10th house”. By doing this remedy you may solve your problem- but please analyse is it “good karma”! Is giving alcohol to “Brahmin” working in temple is good?

I have made a detailed video on the subject “when remedies back fire”- I will request you to watch that video, it will save you from committing sins-

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