How to analyse Dashamsha Chart (D-10)?

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D-10 or Dashamsha is one of the very important varga. Sage Parashara has said in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra that Dashamsha should be seen for mahtta-phalam (sanskrit), in english it means important aspects of life. But we astrology practitioner use it for profession extensively.

Sage parashara has said that we can see divisional charts as we see the D-1 chart. Means we can apply all yoga and consider aspects of planets etc.

This is the chart of karmas or actions. Whatever actions we do is seen from Dashamsha, specially the actions which are formed with greater importance. We can also use D-10 for longevity analysis because once a native born he/she cannot be idle. He/she will be doing at least something till his/her last breathe. Technically, it is the expansion of the 10th house, which is 8th from the 3rd house and 3rd house is 8th from the 8th house of longevity, D-3 is also important for longevity analysis. Though longevity analysis is the toughest area of astrology.

So, D-10 is a very versatile chart. Primarily it is the chart of important aspects of life and livelihood. In this answer I am liming myself to use of D-10 for profession only.

Lagna of D-10 shows the overall actions of the individual in general. Benefic influence on lagna will show the desire of doing good actions. In profession, Lagna shows the general work environment only, but that is very important to know the avocation.

For example: If Jupiter is in Lagna then you can say that work environment would be related to consulting, teaching, medical, management etc.

2nd house shows the gains of general actions and also financial thing of profession. Moral values and speech in actions is also seen.

3rd house shows the courage and ability to do hard work in actions. It is also the house of media and reporting etc. Preaching is also seen from this.

4th house shows comfort level in all actions and also mental peace. It also shows the throne in case of politicians, otherwise remains normal chair on for an ordinary man. It is basically the strength of your 10th house, if 4th house is strong along with 10th house, then you’ve good authority in your actions.

5th house shows the ministership or dignity of your karmas. Though it is 8th from the 10th house, also shows change or loss of job etc. It also shows your sub ordinates in job.

6th house shows the service and daily routine. It also shows enemy and competition in actions. Though it is a good house for service man, being 9th from the 10th house.

7th house shows the partnership or partner in your all actions. It is 10th from the 10th house so it is very good and gives position and success in job or business.

8th house is very important for politicians. It is the house intrigues in actions but a good house for people in job, can shows promotion in job due to some change in work environment. It also shows the end of actions.

9th house is the luck of all karmas. It also shows change in job for some betterment. It is also shows one mentor in all his karmas.

10th house, it shows the main profession.

11th house shows the gain all your karma and profession both. It is a very important house.

12th house shows retirement and also work in foreign, export, hospitality etc.

Note: Retirement comes under the dasha of 12th lord, not the planet placed in 12th house.

Basic steps to analyse D-10 for profession:

  1. Lagna & 10th lord of D-1 are important, they should be seen in D-10. They give general picture, like if Lagna lord is not well placed in D-10 then it means your physical self is not dedicated in doing work.
  2. Mahadasha planet at the time of birth should be seen in D-10, if well placed then an easy environment in work.
  3. Check Lagna and lagna lord of D-10. Lagna should be well aspected and lagna lord should be in good dignity in shadbala for a good actions.
  4. Check Saturn and Capricorn sign. They are the significator of this varga chart.
  5. 10th house of D-10 is the profession of native. This lord should be well placed for good career graph.
  6. If 10th house/lord of D-10 is in relationship with only malefic and 6th, 8th and 12th house then an unstable career graph is indicated.
  7. 10th lord connection with houses and planets will show the type of work. Like: If it is related with 2nd house then use of speech or working in finance etc. is seen.
  8. Dhana Yoga in this chart shows the multiple work or involved in many important actions. It is basically seen in big business man charts, who are involved in many works.
  9. Raj Yoga shows the level of work. Raj Yoga are seen in charts of administrative people.
  10. Moon shows the mental peace at work along with 4th house.

As I said D-10 is very vast chart. I tried to answer very important points only. A 300 pages book will not be enough to completely show the versatility of this great varga.

Image Source: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra



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