Method to predict timing of getting or loosing a job

Yashraj Sharma
3 min readNov 3, 2020

Relevant divisional charts(Promise of horoscope)

D-1, moon and D-9 chart. These are mainly responsible to show the behaviour of planets.See 1st, 2nd, 10th,9th and 11th house/lords combination.

D-10 chart, responsible for career.

D-16 chart, fruit of particular planet because d-16 chart shows happiness.(if any planet is badly placed in this chart then person can’t be happy in Dasha of that planet)

D-11 chart, for success and all types of gains.

Dasha system(Frutification of promise)

Vimshottari dasha and other conditional dashas.

Dasha must be related with 1st/2nd/9th and 10th/11th house/lord. Also see mutual relationship of dasha planets where 6–8 are worst, 3–11 shows struggle and success both, 2–12 shows gains and losses both.

Jaimini char dasha. Dasha must be related with amatyakarka, 10th lord/house and atmakaraka.

Transit system

Transit of Jupiter & Saturn should be connected with 10th house/lord from moon and lagna. (99% cases)

Lagna lord transit should also be connected with 10th house or lord. (80% cases)

Operating dasa lord in transit should be connected with 10th house/lord.

Let me explain this with the help of a example.

See the chart below:

This is chart of a native working in bank. He has many ups and downs in career.He lost his job in Jupiter-Saturn and then got again in Jupiter-Mercury.Here we can see Jupiter is 10th lord placed in 12th house. He is working in foreign land.

But why he lost job in Jupiter-Saturn, Reasons: Jupiter is in 12th house and Saturn in 2nd house. Saturn is 10th lord and in 3rd house from Jupiter. Saturn is also aspected by Mars from 8th house, Saturn is 8th lord having aspect on 11th house of income. His income was stopped. Saturn is playing his role of 8th house and giving struggle in career because it is in 3rd from Jupiter. Picture is not so clear from D-1, now if we see this Jupiter & Saturn in D-10 chart picture is crystal clear. Here Jupiter is debilitated in 12th house and Saturn is 8th from Jupiter and also aspecting 1st house and 10th lord of D-10 chart.

Getting job in Jupiter-Mercury: Mercury 2nd and 5th lord placed in 10th house from Jupiter. Lagna lord placed in 9th opens his luck and helping him, also in 10th house in D-9 chart. Placed in 6th house(there was some office problems during this period) in D-10 chart and 7th from Jupiter.

But again lost his job in Jupiter-Venus: Venus is exalted in D-1 and in 11th house from Jupiter but still he lost his job. Why?See D-10 chart, Venus is in 8th house from Jupiter with Saturn and despositer of 10th lord mars.

Conclusion: Jupiter Mahadasha is giving him problems in his career. We can’t ignore the relevant divisional charts as in this case D-10.



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