Planetary combination for the denial of marriage in horoscope

Yashraj Sharma
2 min readJun 15, 2020

First of all, a single planet or combination cannot give denial of marriage. You may have seen a very disturbed 7th house/lord (considered for marriage) but still they are married, but yes married life is destroyed.

But the question is of denial!

Recently I met with an incident where a female married in her 44th year with a widower. Though that female has some mental issues, she is still getting married in her this life. So, there can be many many variations on how marriage will shape one’s life.

But for denial, there should be afflictions, other combinations and then synthesis the results.

Some very major points for marriage denial:

  • Presence of Muni Yoga and Sanyas Yoga in Chart.
  • Moon in sign of Mars and aspected by Saturn or vice-versa.
  • Sat-Venus conjunct.
  • Sat aspecting Moon, Sun, and Venus.
  • Affliction to Darakaraka (lowest degree planet of chart)
  • From Upapada Lagna, 2nd and 7th house having afflictions.
  • Bhava Bala of Lagna is more than 7th house, and Lagna is stronger.
  • Retrograde Venus or 7th lord.

Check these points in D-1, D-9, D-30 and D-60. D-9 and D-30 (both cyclic and parashari) is more important and D-60 should be used only if birth time is 99.99% accurate.

Now, above points should match in horoscope, at least 85%. And in D-30 chart, affliction to 7th house by 8th house/lord and 8th house also afflicted. This point will confirm denial after the above points. Otherwise it will result in broken or destroyed marriage.



Yashraj Sharma

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