Predict stream of education through Vedic astrology

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You can make a general prediction from D-1 about the stream of education or subject.

To pin-point, D-1 is used along with D-9, D-7 and D-24. We also use Arudha lagna or Karakamsha lagna.

I will not complicate but will try to give a few strong techniques to predict education.

Significations of planets:

Sun: Political science, physics, ayurveda, astronomy.

Moon: Chemistry, humanities, arts, environmental science, pharmacy, psychiatrist with Saturn.

Mars: Electrical or mechanical or civil engineering (with mercury), law, army training.

Mercury: architecture, astrology, statistics, accountancy, data science, marketing.

Jupiter: Vedas, history, medical science, management, banking.

Venus: Painting, acting with Rahu, hotel management, fashion designing.

Saturn: History, law, engineering of all types, pilots.

Rahu: Astronomy, psychology, aerospace, photography.

Ketu: Computer languages, microbiology, zoology (with Jupiter)

Important: Natural benefic planets will make you leanr about living things and malefics will be nonliving. And they are much more technical.

Now, please don’t be confused. When these planets get in combination with each other things get modified. Like: Jupiter is ruling both banking and medical sciences.

For ex: Jupiter with malefics and having mercury effect then person goes in management or banking. Mars-Rahu, could mean learning about massive energies like nuclear or missiles.

Role of signs

Technical: Airy and Fiery signs.

Semi-Technical: Earthy signs, also Airy sometimes. Non-Technical: Watery signs and sometimes earthy as well.

I cannot explain every sign but, Aries will show where energy is highly required. Scorpio is well known sign of chemistry, having both water and all kinds of sudden

transformations. Taurus is a sign of a banker or food related things. Similarly others, please interpret it.

How and where to use these basic things?

2nd house is the initial education which a person learns at home. Nowadays, it is upto class 5th.

4th house is the schooling after 5th class to 12th.

5th is the graduation and 9th house is post-graduation, again 2nd house is doctorate. 5th house is also our mental capabilities, and intelligence. So, it is most important house to determine the stream.

Putrakarka plays the role of 5th house and Matrukarka of 4th house. They are very important.

Karka of education is mercury, not Jupiter. Jupiter is our wisdom.

Lagna chart is our desire along with god, Karmakansha is desire of god only, Navamsha is fruits of Lagna, Saptamsha or D-7 is our intelligence, D-24 or Chaturvimshamsha is our ability to learn.

We should check the 5th house/lord of these charts. Then conclude about the ability and interest. Also, Putrakaraka.

Sometimes, interest and education are different. This happens because of conflict between the 4th and 5th house. explaining this will make study complicated.

Therefore only see, 5th house and lord in the mentioned charts. To keep it more simple, only look D-1, D-9 and Karkamsha lagna (use only jaimini aspects here)

Running dasha holds the prime importance, means if there more than one planet is influencing 5th house, then dasha running planets supersedes if he is stronger.


He is very good in education, always scored above 85% in academics. Very intelligent and sharp memory. Studying electrical engineering, but brilliant in computer languages as well.

Analysis: To keep things simple, I am only explaining two charts D-1 and D-9.

The 5th lord is exalted and very close to Ketu in the 3rd house. His hobby and interest in computer languages is more than electrical. Mars is 4th lord with Sun in 2nd house, and then mars exalted in 5th house of D-9, and holds the status of Putrakaraka. He enrolled in electrical engineering in Sun mahadasha, Sun is with Mars and represents physics. He is good in physics, but scored less in the actual 12th exam. Sun is in the enemy sign and 8th lord. But his passion for coding is still there, 5th lord with Ketu. He is doing electrical engineering only because Mars is making connections with 5th and 4th house in D-1 and D-9 also, Venus not. Also, Went through Sun dasha who is closely with Sun.



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