Astrological Combination for successful business

Primary houses/lords to look:

  • 10 house/lord- fame, image in society, overall work and career.

Secondary houses:

  • 2nd house/lord: Accumulated wealth, presentation, speech.

These planets should be strong and well placed :

  • Saturn: If weak then person goes in service. And if Saturn is strong but other business combinations are not present then administrative service.

Combinations of planets:

  • There should be 4 or more planets in visible half (7 to 12 houses) of the horoscope, especially Sun, Moon and Mars.

Analyze above details in following lagnas:

  • Birth(D-1) Lagna.


Here is the chart of Industrialist Ram Krishna Dalmia, founder of Dalmia Group.

Now focus on following points:

  • Gemini rising in lagna, Gemini is 3rd sign of kalapurusha kundali and is good for trade etc.



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Yashraj Sharma

My main aim of writing is to spread true astrology & clear doubts and myths related to it. You can reach me at for any astro consultation.