Astrological Combination for successful business

Yashraj Sharma
2 min readJun 30, 2020

Primary houses/lords to look:

  • 10 house/lord- fame, image in society, overall work and career.
  • 7th house/lord- denote business, partnership, dealing with other people.
  • 3rd house/lord- risk taking ability, self efforts, communications, self employment (if connected to 10th)
  • 1st house/lord- Personality, strength, could be office/shop(it is 4th from 10th house)

Secondary houses:

  • 2nd house/lord: Accumulated wealth, presentation, speech.
  • 11th house/lord: Income from work or gains of work.
  • 9th house/lord: Luck of business man.

These planets should be strong and well placed :

  • Saturn: If weak then person goes in service. And if Saturn is strong but other business combinations are not present then administrative service.
  • Sun: If weak then problem in getting name and fame.
  • Mercury: Planet of commerce and marketing
  • Venus and Jupiter: Karaka of wealth and management.
  • Atmakarka and Amatyakarka should be strong.

Combinations of planets:

  • There should be 4 or more planets in visible half (7 to 12 houses) of the horoscope, especially Sun, Moon and Mars.
  • 7th house having more astakavarga points than 6th.
  • 10th house/lord PAC(placement, aspect and conjunction) with 3rd or 7th lord.
  • More dhana yogas in horoscope.
  • Lagna, 10th and 7th lord should be stronger than 6th lord.
  • Planetary dashas should be favorable for business.
  • Atmatyakarka PAC with 3rd/7th, 11th house/lord.

Analyze above details in following lagnas:

  • Birth(D-1) Lagna.
  • Moon Lagna.
  • Saturn Lagna.
  • Navamsha(D-9) Lagna.
  • Dashamsha(D-10) Lagna.
  • Karakamsha Lagna.
  • Arudha Lagna.
  • Shastiamsha(D-60) Lagna. (Only use if birth time is 99.99% accurate)


Here is the chart of Industrialist Ram Krishna Dalmia, founder of Dalmia Group.

Now focus on following points:

  • Gemini rising in lagna, Gemini is 3rd sign of kalapurusha kundali and is good for trade etc.
  • There are 7 planets in visible half, fortunately Sun, Moon and Mars all are.
  • 6th house has more points than 7th, but 7th lord is much more stronger than 6th. Jupiter is placed in 11th house in friendly sign, aspecting 7th placed Moon whereas mars is weakly disposed in 12th house. (Never decide blindly)
  • 3rd lord placed in 10th house and involved in Nech Bhang Rajyoga. 10th lord is in 11th house and aspecting 3rd and 7th houses.
  • Venus is Amatyakarka and placed in 10th house with 3rd lord.
  • Saturn is retrograde but aspected by benefics and friends.
  • Lagna lord is debilitated but nech bhang is happening thus strong.



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