Progeny and Astrology

Yashraj Sharma
1 min readJun 17, 2020


Saptamsha or D-7 chart is the main chart for progeny matters. So, analyse D-1, D-9 and D-7.

Jupiter is the karaka of progeny. Leo sign is also important because it is the 5th house of Kaal-Purusha Kundali.

Never miss Jaimini Chara Putra Karaka.

So, check both Jupiter and Leo, where Leo should not be taken very seriously but it is important.


  • For male: Sum of Jupiter, Sun, and Venus longitudes, gives a point in the chart called Beeja Sphuta. This point is very important to check fertility and seed. This point should be further seen in the D-9 and D-7 chart. If it is an odd sign then good but again see other planetary influences on it. If Saturn or Ketu is afflicting then it is bad. Though other malefics also affect but they are most.
  • For females: Sum of Jupiter, Mars and Moon gives point and is called Khestra Sphuta.

Note: Don’t miss sphuta, they are the most important point for progeny. Timing:

  • Use Vimshottari dasha and see connection with 5th/9th house and lord. Go through divisional charts, D-7 and D-9.
  • Use triple transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. They will make relation with 5th/9th house and lord in transit at the time of child birth.



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