Should you believe in astrology or not?

Yashraj Sharma
3 min readJun 15, 2020

It depends person to person and their own experiences. It is not worth to judge anyone. But believe me, astrology is nothing but supra-science developed by our sages.

Though I can help you to decide.

Why have sages given special aspects to only those planets (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) which are in outer space from earth?

Why is Jupiter regarded as the most benefic planet in astrology?

I think this could be because Jupiter throws away many comets coming from different galaxies in our one, and protects earth from them.

So, there must be a scientific reason for every astrological principle and concept. But we are incompetent to find it, yet.

Some say why Hindu astrology is not considering planets after Saturn? Sages have clearly stated that they don’t affect us.

Why Rahu-Ketu in astrology, when they are not actually visible?

This is also unanswerable why? Astronomically, they are the points of the intersection of the path of the Sun and Moon. but in actual practice they work flawlessly. So, there are many things which are not actually visible but exist.

Sh Rao is the only astrologer who single-handedly fought for astrology in India in 2003–04.

Story: Actually astrology as a subject in colleges was introduced by UGC in 2000 by the Union HRD minister. But this decision was challenged by rationalists, organisations, left- oriented politicians and scientists. So, cases were filed in Chennai/Madras and Andhra Pradesh High Courts, but fortunately dismissed initially, then AP petitioners appealed in Supreme Court. Then Sh Rao appealed to different astrologers from all over the country to file a petition in court to defend astrology and everyone promised but didn’t field, even not visited the court on hearing days. Sh Rao was only who did and fought the case and won. And Sh Rao went in court on wheelchair due to his sickness and showed the

evidence of how astrology works.

Today we are doing it legally only because of Sh. Kn Rao.

My guru Sh KN Rao has always advised us to do prediction instead of falling into remedial traps, remedies only work if there is promise in the birth chart, that problem can be reduced via some kind of spiritual help. Prediction is important, even if one is doing 75–90% prediction then he/she is on the right path, don’t expect 100% prediction every-time, an astrologer is human, not Lord Brahma. Though a medicine is also approved, if it is having a 70% success rate.

Astrology is the science of prediction by analyzing planetary effects on anything, not only humans. And using those predictions, we can guide, warn and help any one. Though I am not a complete mundane astrologer and more into personal charts readings. So, I can only show personal chart predictions for you guys to decide.

Few Examples:

Problem of property asked by natives daughter, but why is it happening?

Everything we suffer because of bad deeds of our own and ancestors. But, originally it is our own karma that we are born in such a family.

feedback of prediction
feedback of prediction
feedback of prediction
feedback of prediction

So, I left on you guys to decide. But from my end, astrology works, if done properly.



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