Snapshot predictive techniques in Astrology

Yashraj Sharma
2 min readJun 21, 2020

Before proceeding please keep in mind that precise prediction can never be made with short-cuts. One should analyse the whole chart thoroughly such predictions. I am giving these snapshot methods because they always give some support and create a base for any prediction.

  • Saturn in the second house. It makes one eldest of his/her parents. But eldest gender wise is also possible, meaning eldest daughter of parents and having an elder brother.
  • Budh-aditya yoga gives better results in 8 and 12 bhava/house.
  • Rahu or Ketu in 3rd makes one youngest and in 11th house makes eldest of parents, but can also be gender wise.
  • Ketu in 4th gives weak social life. And in 3rd can also make one bad presenter.
  • Moon-Mercury association or mutual aspect gives many ups-down, signification represented by them. If it is connected to wealth houses then it is bad for finances and one should avoid the share market or gambling.
  • The 3rd lord in the 10th house is very good for success through self efforts and the person with this combination goes to higher levels also.
  • 2nd lord in 6th or 6th lord in 2nd. One should be careful about his/her accumulated wealth, and avoid giving money to others.
  • 3rd lord in 5th, one can have good writing or artistic abilities but if any malefic relations then persons tends to show off his education or intelligence.
  • Rahu-Venus combinations can lead to cheating in love relationships or extra marital relationships. But good for the media, cinema personnel. Also for air hostesses if in airy sign.
  • The 3rd lord in 6th makes one good fighter. Good combination for work in the army, police, doctor or nurses. But can give hostile relationships with siblings or can be deprived of younger siblings.
  • The 7th lord in the 9th house is found to be bad for marriage. Problem could be in getting married or divorce or multiple marriages.
  • 4th house sun gives parents/ or anyone of them a government job. job or administrative job or even politician.
  • People with 5th Jupiter, having a habit of self praising, very caring but can be extra sensitive.



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