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What planetary combinations leads to satisfaction ?

In modern time, satisfaction mainly depends on fulfilment of a person desires and living harmonious life.

Satisfaction= Moksha

We take birth again and again just because of your incomplete desire or we can say that having desires and for fulfilment of desires.

In astrology,

Role of Rahu

Rahu gives obsession, greed, material desires and thus creates dissatisfaction.

Role of Ketu

Ketu is opposite of Rahu and help us to sacrifice, leads us towards liberation.

Note: Ketu will give satisfaction only if it have connection with Jupiter or Saturn and also connected with 1st, 9th, 12th house.

Role of Saturn

Saturn is the main planet which controls our desires.(having lordship of 11th house in kalapursha kundali)A strong Saturn connected with Jupiter or Ketu gives satisfaction. If it is connected with Rahu or afflicted Venus then satisfaction is destroyed and native will be greedy.

Role of Sun

A strong Sun without any affliction is very important for a good soul and to be satisfied.

Role of Lagna

Lagna is counted as both Kendra and trikona. Lagna is giver and protector both. A strong Lagan gives ability to attain things in life.

Role of 4th house

4th house is called as Sukh Sthan. It is a house all kinds of pleasure and having happy life and surroundings. 4th house is also the house of character.

Role of 12th house

12th house is 9th from 4th house ( future and dharma) and 2nd from 11th house (killer of desires)A strong 12th house and having ketu or Jupiter in it gives satisfaction and moksha.

Final kick of moon

Yes! Because moon controls our brain or our mentality. Whatever we do is governed by our brain. So, a strong moon without having any affliction of Rahu, Mars, Ketu or Venus is very important.

Conclusion: One can be satisfied only if his Lagan is strong, 4th house is un-afflicted, 12th house having benefic connections, Saturn is strong and un-afflicted, Rahu is alone in a benefic sign and moon is strong and un-afflicted.

I don’t think that nowadays anyone is fully satisfied. Everyone have some desires but those who have good planetary position as mentioned above will have higher satisfaction than others.



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