When Rahu & Ketu becomes stronger?

Yashraj Sharma
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According to Sage Parashara, Rahu-Ketu form the planetary army. It clearly states that conditions of the 7 planets (Sun-King, Moon-Queen, Mars-Army chief, Mercury-Prince, Jupiter-Guru, Venus-Minister & Saturn-Servant) will tell how the army is. If they are in bad condition in a particular horoscope then the army is bad, if good then the army is good.

It is mentioned in every classical book that Rahu-Ketu gives results according to their sign lords and other PAC associations.

In the charts of highly successful people, both Rahu and Ketu are quite well placed because other planets form good Rajyoga, so they also act good. They are like catalysts. Classics have not written much about them and nowadays astrologers are more into them and so called yogas like Kaal Sarp Dosh is popularised. Even heavy curses are attached to them though curses should be seen from planets like Mandi & Gulika. They also show curses, where Rahu is more into curse but the role of upa-graha or sub-planets is always there.

People see Rahu as a very materialistic planet, and ignore its spiritual side. But, Rahu roles in pilgrimage and spiritual practises is clearly written in Bhavartha Ratnakara. But, yes it is more difficult for Rahu to turn into spirituality than Ketu. Rahu questions a lot but Ketu does not. And only strong Jupiter can turn them into. Ketu is a true devotee who has to be in the right hands.

Both can give materialistic and spiritual things, one cannot sit on the throne without Ketu.

See both forms the planetary army, so being faithful they will do whatever is required and will go to any extent. So it all depends, whether they are in bad influence of Saturn or good influence of Jupiter.

Their sign of exaltation and debilitation is defined differently in different classics, which may mean that sign lord is the main important. If sign lord is strong then they both are strong. But, Sage Jaimini states, Aquarius is co-ruled by Rahu and Scorpio by Ketu, and exalted in Taurus and Scorpio respectively.

But, again signs lord is the main holding planet.

At the time of eclipse they both become direct. Yes, they become direct & catch royal planets Sun and Moon, do rebellion.

Moon is the bitter enemy of them, whenever Moon is close to Rahu-Ketu they become direct and to catch moon alone.

Direct motions of Rahu-Ketu are very important, normal people are not born when they are direct. Whenever the Moon is in the grip of Rahu-Ketu in any native’s horoscope, that individual is either very troubled or very successful, at least they are revolutionary. Such natives do something different in their family, city, country or even world level, level depends on the overall horoscope.

I do not take aspects of Rahu-Ketu. The great sage Parashara has not mentioned any aspects and it sounds logical because they are shadow planets.

Also, only Jupiter is a natural benefic planet having special aspects, apart from this Saturn and Mars have special aspects. If we take Rahu-Ketu then most of the part of horoscope will get destroyed. Alone Jupiter can’t save.

Note: I am following the great Sh. KN Rao ji and Sh. VP Goel ji. They do not take aspects.

I am giving a few examples to show how they become stronger or weaker.


This is the chart of the Sh. Mahatma Gandhi ji. The sign lord of Rahu is Moon and it is in his own house, involved in Gajakesari Yoga. The Rahu period operated between 1921–1939. All his major work was in that period, later Jupiter dasha who is in the 10th from Rahu supported it. His Rahu is direct and rest is history.


This is the chart of King George IV. Look at Rahu & Ketu sign lord, both are very well disposed and in great rajyoga. When he was in Ketu-Rahu period he got the throne without much effort.


This is a birth chart of a famous TV actress. Her Venus-Rahu operated between 2010–2013, she was doing very well, but then she got Venus-Jupiter and she fell. Jupiter in 8th house is bad, but Rahu is with exalted Sun and sign lord in 6th house, Mars in 6th in friendly sign is again a better position. Ketu in 4th and Venus is well placed. She is having a very luxurious house.


This is the chart of an individual who suffered from childlessness for 8 years after marriage. See 5th house Rahu, and Saturn-Mars are in kendra to it. Sign lord of Rahu is Venus and in gandanta at 29 degrees and in paap-kartari of Sun and Ketu. The 11th house is the 5th from the 7th house, it should be seen also. The 11th house has Ketu and aspected by 2 malefics, Saturn and Mars. The problem was with his spouse, who was diagnosed and treated later. Though both the 7th and 11th lords are exalted they gave him a child normally but with a lot of struggle, the significator is also in 12th house. He totally failed in getting a child in all his Rahu dasha, later Jupiter gave. Now, do not take Rahu-Ketu to be very good if the sign lord is exalted. Do a comprehensive analysis.


This is the chart of a 31 year old boy. Who is mentally undeveloped, not mad but behaves like a 10–12 year child. See Rahu-Moon conjunction, Ketu is closely conjunct with Venus, the 5th lord of intelligence. Sign lord of Ketu is with 6th and 11th lord, 11th lord is the most malefic planet, don’t forget. The problem is by birth, Ketu with the 5th lord of poorva-punya and in 8th house, he was born in Rahu dasha, it is aspected by Mars and Saturn.

I only showed D-1 or rashi charts. But divisional charts are very very important, whatever birth chart promises that prevails but according to the divisional chart. Birth chart has both the positive and negative yogas but what is actually accepted completely is decided by a divisional chart. In ex-5, many children would have been born around his birth time, and with the same lagna also, but all them are not like this, they will have issues but not exactly and if divisional charts are very good then more change towards goodness.

So, always do a comprehensive analysis and Rahu-Ketu results totally depend on other planets and especially their sign lord and PAC associations.



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