When the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th &12th gives beneficial results in horoscope? | Vedic Astrology

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Before coming to the real technique that when they give benefic results. I must refresh your memory about fundamentals of these houses.

In Vedic Astrology, as per the sage Parashar- the lord of tri-shad-aye (3rd, 6th, & 11th) gives malefic results in their dashas. Where lord of 11th is most malefic & least is 3rd.

The lord of 8th & 12th are neutral, i.e. their results depends on other PAC associations. Understand that 6th, 8th & 12th are trik houses, but out of them only 6th is malefic in itself & other two depends on others. 8th house is most neutral means it changes its nature very easily, thus can be good or bad, it depends. 12th house is neutral again, but not as sensitive lord of 8th house.

If lord of 8th house is also the lord of any of the trine (1, 5 or 9) then it is not much harmful, same for 12th lord & they can be beneficial. Now, if the lord of 8th & 12th is lord of tri-shad-aye houses also then they are malefic.

E.g.- For Scorpio ascendant- Mercury is lord of 8th & 11th, being lord of 8th, it is neutral, but also owning 11th house it turns a malefic, also enemy of lagan lord Mars makes it a bad planet for Scorpio.

Another e.g.- For Virgo ascendant- Mars is lord of 8th & 3rd house, here again Mars is lord of 8th so neutral & but owning 3rd house makes it malefic for Virgo.

Note- In such cases if any natural malefic planet (Mars & Saturn) own 8th or 12th house & also any of the tri-shad-aye, then they turn worse compared to natural benefics (Jup, Venus & Mercury) owning such houses.

Subtle Differences- In above examples Mars is little worse for Virgo lagan then Mercury for Scorpio. But again, Mercury own 11th house in Scorpio & Mars 3rd house & 11th house is more malefic than 3rd, so they are almost equally bad, though Mars may be more dangerous because of its naturally fierce nature.

There is always confusion about 11th house & lord. It is regarded as most malefic by great sage Parashar but does not count in trik houses & known as house of growth.

Understand- 11th house is greed, growth & gains. Planets in 11th house results in growth of its owned houses. But lord of 11th can give negative results of greed of native or some other.

For every sign, the lord of 11th from it is not friend. So, 11th lord mainly damages the lagan but is good for material gains rather than any other.

11th house, as it is regarded as most malefic?

1. Benefic planet in 11th house does gives good results. Benefic are lord of trine & planets in association with it.

2. 3rd & 6th lord will give good results in 11th house, if 10th house has some planets. If 10th has no planet, then they are not so good & can give growth to 3rd & 6th house significations, which are generally bad.

3. 8th & 12th lord in 11th house will give growth to their significations which can be good if planets are in relations with benefic planets. Eg- 8th lord in 11th house, & 5th lord accepting it, will give growth in academic researches & ancestors wealth.

4. 11th lord in benefic houses will give good results generally.

5. 11th lord in 4th can give cheatings related to property etc.

6. 11th lord in 6th will give success through competitions etc. But if ascendant is weak then great illness.

7. 11th in 8th house gives long life, but diseases & not good for longevity married life.

8. 11th in 12th house gives earnings & losses both.

So, we discussed results of 11th house & lord. Analyse 11th lord very carefully. 11th lord is not praised by Parashar because it increases bondage to this mortal life.

Another thing you should know- 3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th lord are also Upachaya houses, but 10th house is not included in the batch of tri-shad-aye which gives bad results. Upachaya houses gives growth to planets & its significations.

Rules when the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th & 12th gives good results-

1. When the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th are debilitated then they give good results in their dasha.

2. We know that 8th & 12th house results depend on others, so when lord of these are in association with benefic planets & houses, they give good results. But they could be in association with malefic as well, in that case see which is strong benefic or malefic influence.

3. 3rd & 6th house are malefic in-itself. They can give good results if they are in benefic associations. But that will ruin benefic planets. But it is not strong statement for good results.

4. We know the lord of 10th is upachaya & kendra also. Kendra houses has more freewill compared to another houses, that’s why they are neutral & praised everywhere, especially 10th house which is highly praised.

5. When at least a planet occupies the 10th house it gives growth to horoscope & helps other upachaya houses to grow better.

6. When 3rd or 6th lord are in other upachaya houses then they give good results. This results manifold if 10th house has a benefic planet, refer to 5th point.

So, in above 6 points we discussed when these trik lord gives benefic results.

Moreover, if any planet which is lord of trik in D1 chart & improves in D9 or Navamsha then also it gives good results.

I have explained the fundamental rules to examine the results of trik houses, though it is very less. A complete book or course is required to completely understand the working of these houses & lords.



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