Who becomes very wealthy? | Vedic Astrology

A single Laxmi yoga cannot make one extremely wealthy. There should be multiple Laxmi or wealth giving combinations in the birth chart & also divisional charts to become millionaire or billionaire. See yoga formed in the D-1 chart can be present in many people charts but they are not actually rich and prosperous. Even few of the wealth giving yoga will be found in charts of poor people.

Role of divisional charts is very important in getting a complete picture, but a rashi or D-1 chart is always the base. I am giving some powerful combinations of wealth yogas.

Wealth combinations

  • Association of 2nd or 11th house with 1st, 5th or 9th house. Association of 9th and 2nd is best. More numbers of this particular yoga can make you a millionaire. But it should be repeated in D-9, D-4, D-16, Karakamsa and Arudha lagna also. It should be least afflicted. The Lord of the houses should be strong.

Apart from this Indu & Shree Lagna are very important. There should be benefic planet influences on lagna and the 2nd house. The 11th and 2nd house should be strong. Use ashtakavarga, more than 32 points in 11th and 2nd house and less points in 12th house.

D-4 and D-16 divisional charts are very important. The Lord of wealth houses and ascendant should be well placed in the D-1 chart.

Few examples:


This is the birth chart of Mukesh Ambani. See All 3 trines having a benefic planet and related to wealth house/lords. 2nd and 1st lord having exchange. Lord of trines are so well placed.


This native is a millionaire but settled away from his hometown. See 11th and 2nd lord are well disposed. In D-9, the 2nd lord is exalted and alone D-9 is having a strong 11th and 9th house. Though there are bad combinations also. So he is not rich like Mukesh Ambani.


This is the Indu Lagna of a native who is born in the family of a king, resulting in huge amounts of inheritance but not doing good and just depending on inheritance.

Now, see the 8th house of inheritance from this Indu lagna. Having 40 points in ashtakavarga scheme and also getting unobstructed argala from the 10th house. Sage parashara has written that, when 3rd house from any house has 3 natural malefic planets then it causes unobstructed argala or kind of lock to the particular house and this makes that house extremely powerful. Now, you see the 10th house has 3 malefic planets making 8th extremely powerful. And this is from Indu lagna resulting in wealth from inheritance.



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Yashraj Sharma

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